Revolution Radio Crew

    The station is supported by many 'behind the scenes' individuals who provide their time, knowledge, patience and expertise to help keep things running.

Whether it is taking the helm as a producer of a show, organizing guests and station events, promoting the station through social media outlets, providing time as chatroom help as moderators, programming custom applications that make the features of the site function, helping with show bumpers and intros, or fill in as guest hosts when a regularly scheduled host takes a day off, these people are the backbone of the station.

Be sure to give them a shout out when you see them around - they are not paid for their efforts - nor do they expect to be.
They do this for your benefit as much as their own.


Managment Crew
amadpainter - Studio A/B Manager - Thomas Becker
LdyHorse - Moderator, Training Manager - Terry Ackerman
Vobear - General Manager - Vera Aubert
Willow (SurreySunflower) - Host Liason Team Willow Andreasson
NnitehawkK - Systems Manager/Design- Mike Ringley

MrRho - producing/tech support

monster383 - producing/tech support

Patrick Brown - producing/moderator/training

Production Crew

Laura Lee

To contact any of the management team, use their name followed by
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