Sacred Cow BBQ

   Host: Patricia Aiken

Airs: Thursday 10:00pm - 12:00midnight EST
Studio: A

A natural health consultant and energy worker, Patricia Aiken helps people clear long standing health issues the low tech, low cost way without the AMA. As a anti-vaccine and anti -amalgam activist, she was a repeat guest at Rotary International meetings blowing the doors off Rotary's Polio Plus program. She's been reporting the Bundy Ranch story and developments for radio and print media. A former writer for the Idaho Observer, she got an eyeful of politics as a Ron Paul supporter. She did her time as a Pentecostal missionary in Honduras but evolving awareness and a spiritual transforming experience has her rethinking it all.

Tune into Sacred Cow Barbecue. It's no bull on Medicine, Money, Religion, Politics and Race. Free your mind from mainstream manure. Grab a plate and join host Patricia Aiken and her guests as they serve up some real tasty Sacred Cow ribs, burgers and steaks.

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