(2 channels, police right speaker channel, fire left speaker channel)

5:23 Shooter still inside Theater 9

6:40 "Need 3 or 4 ambulances", "behind the theater, we've got a suspect in gas mask"

7:00 Unidentified officer 1: "That white car in the rear of the lot, is that a suspect (James Holmes sitting calmly in his car parked closest to the fire exit door)?
Unidentified officer 2: "Yes, we've got rifles (on the ground), gas mask (on the ground), (?) now I've got an open door going into the theater."
Unidentified officer 1: "Hold your position, hold your suspect." (presumed arrest of James Holmes without violence, all 100 witnesses and survivors are under arrest)

7:30 Do not go into the movie theater, set up perimeter around entire mall

7:45 5 patients need ambulance

8:51 Need rescue inside auditorium multiple victims

9:30 taking victim to hospital in police car (too many police cars not enough ambulances)

9:42 7 down in Theater 9

10:00 Need Denver PD help (Aurora PD can't handle it)

10:20 "One of the shooters" (plural) in a blue plaid shirt

10:50 Channel 2 inside, Channel 3 outside, unpatching combined channels

11:30 Situation under control, need Arapaho Sheriff Dept on perimeter

11:45 Need more ambulances

12:00 Conflicting suspect descriptions, multiple shooter suspects

12:30 "I only have 1 ambulance, where are my ambulances at?"

12:45 Dying girl crying in pain and terror

1:00:07 315 and 314, first shooting at century theatres, 14 300 East Alameda avenue, they're saying somebody's shooting in the auditorium. 01:00:16

01:00:30 315 and 314 there is at least 1 person that's been shot but they're saying there's hundreds of people just running around. 01:00:36

01:03:42 315 be advised i think somebody's sprayed some gas over there too. 01:03:46

01:03:59 316 i need a rescue in here hot, see we got a guy shot. Inside of theater 9? Just outside of theater 9. 01:04:08

01:04:25 team 6 we got another person outside shot in the leg, a female, i got people running outside the theater that are shot in room 9. 01:04:33

01:04:39 318 i got another victim on the north side of this theater the parking lot. 01:04:43

01:05:05 from what Im smelling inside I can smells like its OC, maybe 2

01:05:14 get us some damn gas masks for theater 9 we cant get in it

01:06:14 16 I need a marked car behind the theater stable side,suspect in a gas mask. 01:06:22

01:06:50 everyone hold the air one second, cars where that white car in the rear of the lot, is that a suspect? YES! we've got rifles, gas masks, you can see him ive got a open door going into the theater, OK hold that position, hold that suspect! 01:07:05

01:09:23 16 I got 7 down in theater 9! & down! 01:09:28

01:09:58 one of the shooters might be wearing a white and blue plaid shirt 01:10:03

01:10:09 Ive got a child victim, I need rescue at the back door of theater 9 now! 01:10:13

01:12:29 (woman crying hysterically, help!) 01:12:34 (heard in the background; its a woman with a groaning cry)

01:13:07 Ive got one victim eviscerated 01:13:09

01:14:21 I need somebody to shut this movie off in 9, how do we shut the movie off in 9?

01:14:29 everybody get on this, it's an assault rifle, we got magazines down inside, everybody watch out for the assault rifle. 01:14:35

01:14:55 do I have permission to start taking some of these victims via car? Weve got a whole bunch of people shot out here and no rescue yes, load em up, get em in cars, get em out of here.

01:15:08 we have one we cannot move in theater 9

01:15:23 notify all the hospitals weve got people coming in

01:16:12 if they are mobile, get them outside. Weve got a few that are not mobile.

01:23:47 the guy's still in theater 9 im working on a backboards for taht female. 01:23:51

01:25:01 suspect is going to be male, unknown race, black camo outside outfit believed to be wearing a vest, gas mask and multiple long guns. 01:25:10

14:25 Clearing rest of the theaters now

14:50 Magazine found from rifle, assault rifle found outside Theater 9 (at exit door, white vehicle of James Holmes is parked closest to exit door)

15:15 Request permission to take victims to hospital in police car, "I've got a whole lot of victims and no rescue (ambulance). Load em up get em in a car get em out of here!"

15:25 Cannot move victims in Theater 9, need ambulance

17:30 Taking victims to hospital in police cars, no ambulances

17:40 Rifle 5.56 caliber (found at exit door to theater, closest car parked was James Holmes' white car)

18:26 Police cruiser 6 taking 2 more victims to hospital, shot in neck

18:30 "Has anyone been upstairs in the theater? Bodies upstairs? Working on it now."

19:00 Moving bodies by police cars (no ambulances)

19:40 Ambulance enroute to Theater 9

20:00 Need Rescue in theater for multiple victims, police officers will only be there for security

20:30 Searching theater employees to see if they are shooters (so no shooter has been arrested yet)

21:20 Police evacuating victims in patrol cars (no ambulances)

21:30 Victim count 20 total need ambulance, more ambulances coming from out of city

22:00 Set up triage for treatment transport (to let dying victims go ahead and die, let ambulatory victims wait)

23:20 Set up police command post south east of Aurora Mall

23:40 "Still have a lot of people shot on east side need (police) cars there" (no ambulances)

24:20 Still searching theater and parking lot for shooter suspects

24:30 "Tac 16, 21, one of the construction workers said somebody just came out of parking lot male red backpack headed towards Alameda."

24:50 "We have a male dressed in black with red backpack going towards north east."

25:00 Dispatcher says 2 suspects, 1 dressed in black plus 1 with red backpack

25:10 "Suspect is going to be male, unknown race, black cammo (police SWAT) outfit, believed to be wearing a (bullet resistant police SWAT) vest, (police gas mask and multiple (police) long guns." (James Holmes not yet under arrest)

25:30 Dispatcher repeats description of suspect in police SWAT uniform carrying police guns

26:20 Still calling for police cars to transport dying victims (no ambulances)

26:40 Commander: "I'm assuming we're waking up everybody? Yes Sir. OK."

27:00 Fire chief called, police command post moved to front of theater

27:10 "Metro 10 OK. Clear. Listed James Holmes." (White car vehicle registration?)

27:40 Need more police cars to transport victims (no ambulances)

28:00 "I want no cars leaving this lot! I want this (parking) lot locked down! No cars leaving!"

28:20 Police cars arrive from Denver, Englewood and Littleton (Columbine High School massacre) to transport dying victims (no ambulances)

30:00 Fire channel: "We have a number of people dead in the theater. We are in a Mass Casualty Situation at this time."

30:31 Police Aurora Any unit. Unknown problem. 1690 South Moline st., 1690 South Moline st. We have a report of an unknown problem, at least three people dragging a person into an unknown description vehicle and last seen northbound on the street.

31:00 1690 South Moline Street

31:30 "Denver Tac 37 go with your update. Suspect in all black (police SWAT uniform), black tactical vest, black tactical helmet, (?), gas mask, black tactical gear, at least 1 handgun, (long gun, 1 possible additional long gun." (James Holmes still not arrested)

33:00 "Where do you want press and family members to stage?"

33:40 15 Denver patrol cars arrive to help transport dying victims (no ambulances)

35:20 "Inside of the theater has been cleared. Working on cars out in the parkign lot now." (James Holmes still sitting in parking lot?)

36:20 Starting to clear cars in parking lot looking for suspects (James Holmes not yet under arrest)

37:00 Littleton police officer needs medical treatment,

37:10 Police: Jail vans to be used to transport dead bodies to morgue. Fire: Just leave dead bodies for now.

38:10 "Clear the suspect's car with bomb unit" (No criminal background check of James Holmes. No vehicle license tag check of James Holmes' white Hyundai car parked closest to exit door. No mention that James Holmes is under arrest. No mention of arresting officer's name. No mention of what clothing color James Holmes is wearing, nor if he is wearing black police SWAT uniform. James Holmes' jail booking photo does not show him wearing black police SWAT uniform only orange prisoner jump suit.)

38:30 "Secondary device" need bomb squad for suspect's vehicle, all police to leave area behind Theater 9

39:10 "SWAT inside in gas masks has theater contained and secure"

39:20 "Sending police to suspect's address to do surveillance at this point."

40:00 All uninjured movie survivors are under arrest, not allowed to leave the area

40:20 Moving dead bodies outside of theater to parking lot (no photos taken of crime scene?)

40:40 "We have witnesses who left who say they did see the shooter who have blood spatter on them who are not injured. What do you want us to do with those people?"

42:30 Police have all victims cleared (false statement), don't know about victims still attended by ambulance crews

43:00 Police find 2 more victims to transport to hospital, "Not moving yet."

44:00 Request Arapaho Sheriff Air 1 helicopter to do flyover of theater

45:00 I really need somebody to confirm the white vehicle outside the theater plates. Check white vehicle tag 119ROC (James Holmes) "Check with key witnesses inside the theater. We need to confirm suspect descriptions (black SWAT police uniform, gas mask and helmet, no one saw face. 5' 9" tall shooter but James Holmes is 6' 3"). I want to make sure we're not looking for anybody else." (So the investigation and search for suspects ends right here. No mention of James Holmes' name.)

46:40 No more victims or witnesses allowed to leave, all survivors under arrest

47:00 "Victim with shrapnel in his face. Is there another ambulance?"

52:00 Fire: "Be sure the patients inside (the theater) are black patients. Extraction team of 5 medics." (Black means Deceased)

52:52 Bomb squad enroute

53:30 Parents of victims to go to command post, need more officers for security of command post, every officer in metro area is on scene

56:30 Secure suspect's vehicle (James Holmes)

57:00 "I had another witness say green camoflage pants." Stop all radio communications, unable to figure out how to patch radio channels together

58:20 "Open door at mall." Bring dogs to search mall.

1:00:00 No police at Childrens Hospital to interview victims or suspects

1:01:40 Police to arrest news media? Media moved to command post.

1:02:40 Fire: "Need confirmation that all the (dead) victims in theater are black." (repeated 3 times, for Obama's race war, but all were white)

1:03:30 Police: "Doctor said a bomb went off somewhere."

1:06:30 ETA Arapahoe Sheriff Air 1 helicopter arrive in 1 minute

1:10:30 Hyundai Accent Tennessee plate 074VPD suspected bomb third vehicle directly in front of doors, "possible it's just a thermos but hard to tell." (not James Holmes)

1:12:20 Vehicle tag 074VPD "clear address in Columbia Tennessee" (Heather Wolfe Smith and school teacher Lucas Smith who was shot from Knoxville TN?)

1:13:00 "Does anyone know if there's a family looking for the 10 year old victim? Female."

1:16:30 "Talking to people making statements, sounds like we have possible 2 shooters, 1 that was in Theater 8 seated, another one that came in from the outside into Theater 9. Sounds like it was a coordinated attack."

1:17:00 Dispatch: "Every unit, possible 2nd shooter still at large. Keep the media away from them."

1:23:30 All witnesses and survivors still under arrest

1:27:00 Secondary (bomb) device found

1:28:00 Secondary device was found in the main (parking) lot of the theater, all units to evacuate (red plastic gas can in James Holmes' car trunk?)

1:33:30 Need camera to photograph witnesses before they can be released from arrest

1:35:20 Witnesses under arrest not allowed to use restroom

1:36:20 DUI hit and run arrest at mall at shooting crime scene, no name or tag given by Colorado highway patrol

1:38:40 Still no camera to photograph 50 witnesses under arrest

1:39:30 100 witnesses on West side, perhaps taken to Gateway High School to remain under arrest

1:42:30 Take photo of every witness, only release non eyewitnesses from arrest, all other witnesses taken to Gateway High School under arrest

1:44:30 No cars allowed to leave parking lot, witnesses must find their own ride home

1:48:20 Start search of suspect's vehicle with bomb dog (James Holmes)

1:48:50 Search gray charcoal vehicle with Tennessee plates 2 door hatchback Hynundai

1:55:20 Give police business cards to witnesses

1:57:30 Victor 50 to Edward 10 switch to phone so no recording of audio

1:57:40 Bomb dog requested on Paris

1:59:30 Family looking for pregnant female taken to hospital by police and missing 9 year old child, shot in face and chest

2:00:10 Gunshot victim walk in to hospital

2:01:30 Robot entering towards car for suspected bomb inspection




What follows is a partial transcript of the dispatch tapes from the Aurora fire and police departments regarding emergency medical response after Friday's movie theater shooting. The times in parenthesis represent the amount of time passed after the shooting was first reported.

Abbreviations: PO(police officer); FDD (fire department dispatch); Command (fire department command).

PO: I have a party shot here. I need rescue hot. (3:07)

FDD: Medic ... They need you in front of the theater.

FDD: Engine 8, we may have a second victim.

FDD: Starting third ambulance. (3:50)

Command: We're going to have staging away from the scene.

PD: People who are shot running out of the theaters.

FDD: Multiple victims probably three plus.

PO: I need rescue ... at least three to four ambulances, everyone can stage in the west parking lot. (5:43)

Command: Let's set up ambulance staging at Expo and Sable. Is that where they want us to stage in the first place?

FDD: Now they're saying west parking lot. Let me clarify with PD somewhere where we won't necessarily be coming into their scene.

Command: They need to set us up a staging area.

FDD: They want the staging area in the west part of the theater.

MEDIC: We are on scene with APD. (6:56)

Engine 8: We're on the scene. We're getting reports of multiple victims and an active shooter. (7:14)

PO: I have two victims. ... I need an ambulance here quick.

PO: We need to start putting them into cars and start shuttling them out to the west end.

PO: (inaudible) shot twice in the back.

PO: I need one ambulance.

PO: We need rescue inside the auditorium. Multiple victims. (8:13)

FDD: They're saying they have a party on the east side of the theater they can't get to. They need an ambulance. He's shot in the back. And multiple parties inside the theater.

PO: I need as many ambulances as we can to the Dillard's lot.

FDD: Looks like you have four ambulances started. PD requesting as many ambulances as possible to Dillard's. How many ambulances do you want?

PO:I'm taking one male to the hospital in my car.

PO: Seven down in theater 9.

PO: I got a child victim. I need rescue at the back door of theater 9 now. (9:52)

MEDIC: I'm down here north of the Century theater. I have a GSW ... to the leg.

PO: Dispatch, give me some ambulances on Sable. I want ambulances on Dillard's lot.

FDD to Command: Sir, (inaudible) metro sent all available ambulances.

PO: We're bringing out bodies now. (11:44)

PO: I've got one ambulance here. Where my ambulances at?

Tower 8 to Command: We need an ambulance for GSW to abdomen, arms and legs if you have anyone to spare.

PO: I need a medical crew. ... I've got one victim eviscerated.

FDD: PD wants as many medical personnel as possible. Two additional engines in route.

Engine 8: I need ... two ambulances over here right away.

PO: Get me some ambulances in the back of the theater or Sports Authority parking lot. (13:21)

FDD: PD is requesting as many medical personnel as possible to the Dillards. ... We also have a child down.

PO: Do I have permission to take some of these victims via car? I have a whole bunch of people shot out here and no rescue. (14:00)

PD command: Yes. Load them up and get them in cars and get them out of here.

PO: We have one we cannot move in theater 9. Get us an ambulance here as soon as they're available. (14:51)

FDD: Engine 2, truck 2, engine 4, engine 5 in route.

FDD: PD is requesting medical personnel in theater 9. Have a child down and cannot evacuate. (16:19)

Command: We're going to set up Fire Department that aren't on scene to stage at Exhibition and Sable.

PO: We need rescue or we need more patrol cars. ... We're just gonna take these people.

FDD: DP advising there are 10 people down behind theater 9.

PO: Cruiser 6 is taking two more victims.

PO: (Inaudible) ... shot in the neck.

Command: I need all ambulances that they're sending to stage at Exposition.

FDD: PD is again requesting emergent medical to the back of the theater. (18:36)

Command: I copy that. I'm just trying to get things under control here.

FDD: I copy, and again they are still asking for additional medical in theater 9.

PO: Moving (inaudible) by police cars. I still need some ambulances over here.

Truck 2: We can take the theater.

PO: Let Aurora South know cruiser 6 is in route. One critical, one semi-critical.

Command: I need you ...to come up here.

Dispatch Police: Truck 2 in route to theater 9. (19:10)

PO: We need rescue to move up to the rear of the theater. We have officers there requesting they come immediately for multiple victims. (19:27)

PO: Advise rescue that officers will be there for security. That's the best thing we can do at this point.

FDD: Sir, I apologize again, but PD is asking for emergent medical to the back of the theater. They are on scene to provide security.

Command:Copy. I have truck 2 ... to help engine 8.

FDD: I believe they have another party inside theater 9 that they can't evacuate, which is the child, but they have 10 parties down behind the theater.

PO: We're evacuating victims. (20:45)

Command: Go ahead and activate the EM system. We're going to need to know exactly how many beds these ... hospitals can take.

FDD: Do we have an approximate patient count?

PO: Come back for more. I have two here that need treatment right away.

PO: All right. I'm getting there.

Command: I'm just trying to sort it out right. I hear 10 here, four here. I'm going to go with 20 right now. Let's just go with 20 people until we get this verified. (21:06)

FIRE Dillard Division: I have Medic 102 over here. Can I have them to transport my two red patients?

Command: Copy. All divisions set up a extrication, triage, treatment, transport within your division. (21:28)

Engine 5: Command, we're right by the theater. We just had a police officer run up to us that has nine patients behind the theater here. This would be on the east side of the theater. Do you want us to stay here or go with the police officer? (21:49)

FDD: Command, did you copy engine 5? (22:56)

Command: Copy.

FDD: I need to know if you want them to stay there or continue onto Dillard's.

Police dispatch: I still have a lot of people shot on the east side. I need cars there.

Engine 5: We're on the east side of the theater on Sable. Do you want us to attend to the patients on the east side?

Command: You only have one patient there, correct?

Engine 5: Police officer told us said there are nine patients.

Truck 2:We are in the rear of the theater. We have nine shot. If we can get any ambulances in stage on Sable, we can get them over to the ambos. (24:02)

Command: OK, just stand by. Let me get this sorted out. I will be with you in a minute.

Command:Do we know if the chief is responding?

FDD: That's negative, sir. Do you want me to start (inaudible) chief?

Command: Yeah, I need chief (inaudible) here.

Command: Truck 2, I want you to join up with Engine 5. I'm just going to make you Sable division. ... We're going to start there until we get more resources. (25:06)

Police dispatch: We need another car for transport behind theater 9.

FDD: The lieutenant with the police department is requesting to meet you face to face in front of the theater.

Dillards Division: We're sending two ... patients off.

Command: We're waiting to hear from the EM system what beds are available.

Truck 2 to command: FYI, right now we're loading patients into back of PD cars to get them transported. Any ambos we could get would be nice. (26:47)

Command to FDD: How many ambulances ... do I have? I need to have them all go to staging cause we have people jumping in and out. I'm not sure anybody even is.

FDD:To be honest, sir, I don't know an exact count of ambulances. They did just advise me that they're sending two more from (inaudible ) and we have every unit that's available in the city of Aurora.

Command: I need them to go to Sable. Can they send a supervisor, ... to be in charge of the transport area over there at Expo and Sable so we can get a handle on ambulances, have them stage and then I can send them into each division.

Command:Make sure that all these ambulances know to return to staging area over at Expo and Sable.

East division to command:We have transported seven patients. We're on our eighth patient. Also talked to police officer who said we may have a number of people dead inside the theater. (29:46)

Command: OK, if they're dead, leave them. We're in a mass casualty situation at this time.

FDD: They do have ambulances returning to the staging area.

Command: Anybody else that's in the area that we can contact? Somebody we can get a hold of ... anybody?

FDD: We're working on finding additional transport rigs