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Tonight’s Show…
October 15th, 2017
Episode 82:  California

Flag of Communist Republic of CaliforniaAhh, California!  Named after the queen of a mythical island paradise inhabited by beautiful Amazon warriors…while a beautiful place and home to around 40 million people, will they change their state constitution and secede?

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Psychonautic Time Traveling Through Pre-History

Human beings are a special creature compared to all other moving things in this material existence that we call a world or universe.  We are infected with the mental disease of ignorance and seem to be living dis-harmoniously with our animal and plant neighbors.  Our lives are prone to self-harm, which, turns out, to be the simultaneous harm of others.  We are programmed by greed and self-interest to be like cattle as our lifespans reduce and our aspirations narrow.  Where has our ambition gone?  Where has our creativity?  We have freewill, but what do we use it for?  What do the tales of our ancestors possess that might help answer our questions?  Can and will our questions be answered by a revelation of our ancestral heritage?

Every Sunday there’s something different on Ancient Humans.  We like to mix a bit of the new with the old.  We are aware that we are limited by our ignorance when we attempt to probe the mysteries of antiquity.

The following are some of the subjects that have been discussed on the show since 2016:  Psychological Manipulation, Death Rites, Easter, Resurrections, Ottoman Empire/Turks, Authority, Destruction of Cultures, Environmental Impact (Nature vs Human), Ancient American Artifacts, Atlantis, Carbon Dating, Controversial Fossils, Core Samples, Dead Sea Scrolls, Entropy, Giants, Bosnian and Other Pyramids, Religious War, White Genocide.


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