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  • basement531 minutes ago
    Maybe some snowflakes ❄️ get offended.
  • Gino201731 minutes ago
    Hello TatankaDave (waving)
  • Gino201730 minutes ago
    Yes basement5... (scloud)
  • TatankaDave30 minutes ago
    Greetings Gino how are you today?
  • basement530 minutes ago
    No Jew blends in with this Goy
  • Gino201730 minutes ago
    Greetings I am well
  • basement529 minutes ago
    No many attractive Jewish women. I really don’t like a mustache on a woman !
  • basement527 minutes ago
    The Jew female does not age well at all (monster3) !
  • basement527 minutes ago
    Wecan hear you ok Davis.
  • basement525 minutes ago
    Sorry I cant help you Davis !
  • Wall-e25 minutes ago
  • basement524 minutes ago
    Pig you need lead down range and on target, call me ! (groundsoldier)
  • basement524 minutes ago
    Where did the pig come from ?
  • basement522 minutes ago
    The box on the forehead and curly cue sideburns kills me.
  • TatankaDave22 minutes ago
    Gino, they asked the mohel does he get paid when he performs a bris? The mohel answered, no but I keep the tips! 😃
  • OmegaLogos21 minutes ago
    ewww lol Tdave
  • TatankaDave21 minutes ago
    Omega man no pulling punches today, lol
  • basement521 minutes ago
    Angela Merkel is taking care of that. Damn traitor.
  • TatankaDave19 minutes ago
    Omega man, Dr. Robin Falkov hasn't been on is her health that bad?
  • basement519 minutes ago
    Negroes only love pitbulls.
  • basement518 minutes ago
    🐕 🦍
  • basement516 minutes ago
    Davis is on Fire 🔥 tonight !
  • basement514 minutes ago
    5 days a week of Davis would be awesome.
  • basement513 minutes ago
    Zukerberg has a face that is begging for a smack.
  • TatankaDave7 minutes ago

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