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  • maxtor35 minutes ago
    plan zed
  • blasphemusbudda32 minutes ago
  • prjctBLKb3m32 minutes ago
  • JerryB31 minutes ago
    Washington dc is eliminating the department of education and replacing it with the department of stupidity.
  • JerryB27 minutes ago
    I listened to the whole show...... I could have had a v8
  • JerryB26 minutes ago
    That's fella's
  • prjctBLKb3m13 minutes ago
  • Valerie9 minutes ago
  • banjopickingal9 minutes ago
    good sound on A check out Lots of good research
  • maxtor8 minutes ago
    banjo for slavedrivers like hitler
  • prjctBLKb3m7 minutes ago
    dav3 & m3cci could u confirm australia is real, the new conspiracy theory says the britsh made it up & its really argentinia southern parts (37)
  • maxtor6 minutes ago
    slaves for our luxury
  • maxtor6 minutes ago
  • maxtor5 minutes ago
    no1 works so we can jetset 24/8
  • maxtor4 minutes ago
    or 26/0
  • prjctBLKb3m4 minutes ago
    LMAO sounds like a stampede
  • maxtor3 minutes ago
    smedley butler
  • banjopickingal3 minutes ago
    Hitler tries to solve the problem of the "Polish Corridor” peacefully. Warmongers gotta have a demon. Good exposee
  • maxtor2 minutes ago
    hitler tried to solve the problem of people thining for thelselves
  • DJam2 minutes ago
    DU I. SW Asia The radiation equivalent of more than 50,000 Hiroshimas ! Makes Israel uninhabitable, Soon to go for the breadbasket of Europe. Who is the Enemy . PNAC
  • maxtor2 minutes ago
    instead help them to think for us
  • banjopickingal1 minute ago
    Absolutely not ... the most intelligent people I have met are Swiss Germans, Germans hungarians and Europeans in general... You bin indoctrinated @maxtor
  • banjopickingal1 minute ago
    Soon after broadcasting a call to kill Germans, Polish-Jewish partisans, with the blessing of the Polish government, kicked off the war between Poland and Germany.
  • maxtorjust now
    you bin ransackedc @banjopickingal
  • banjopickingaljust now
    Need a padded room in RR for "Hitler Phobes Annonymous" (haha2)

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