• Mitchell29 minutes ago
    they might crawl out of the trash can ... send them to the SHREDDER
  • banjopickingal28 minutes ago
    Spiritual challenge to keep up to speed... seems certain religions are "stuck" and unwilling to be fully mindful/spirited....
  • Knowing27 minutes ago
  • Mitchell27 minutes ago
    the constructs of man can never replace our inner voice and soul
  • banjopickingal26 minutes ago
    Plant gardens, sing songs, dance...
  • banjopickingal25 minutes ago
  • banjopickingal24 minutes ago
    save this to share far and wide... England's Joan of Arc
  • zipster23 minutes ago
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    Mitchell wrote: the constructs of man can never replace our inner voice and soul
  • zipster20 minutes ago
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    banjopickingal wrote: Plant gardens, sing songs, dance...
  • Mitchell19 minutes ago
    Banjo, can't believe they restricted a flash mob song and dance protest!
  • banjopickingal16 minutes ago
    it is still online hidden til they find that version... I believe Chabloz's work may still be on bit chute...who knows... it is all fluid... Censorship will expand as a result of the London legalities, perhaps. Are there enough creative people still willing to work for freedom of speech???
  • banjopickingal16 minutes ago
  • NnitehawkK16 minutes ago
    fire roasting a whole deer leg i orgot aboutin the bottom of the freezer gonna be a couple happy dogs
  • zipster14 minutes ago
    (booboo) (dalmation2) (dalmation)
  • banjopickingal11 minutes ago
  • MrRho7 minutes ago
    Enceledon is a member of the Rho Continuum. (enceledon-rho) is a specialised rhoCLHone
  • NnitehawkK7 minutes ago
    this cieling fan is awesome
  • MrRho6 minutes ago
    try and put your hand in the gap as it spins, fun times!
  • NnitehawkK6 minutes ago
    hung about half a deer from it while cutting it into its parts didnt even groan didnt have to mop either cats and dogs cleaned it all up
  • NnitehawkK5 minutes ago
    clean sawzaw blade does bussiness fast
  • MrRho4 minutes ago
    just like an enceledon eating its prey
  • banjopickingal4 minutes ago
    venison what a treat...!
  • banjopickingal3 minutes ago
    Censored history...what really happened to Germans never told in school/university textbooks
  • banjopickingal2 minutes ago
    oops I mean Jewniversity texbooks lol

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