• Greenheart145 minutes ago
    you're welcome, Mike !
  • NnitehawkK45 minutes ago
    ive taken them apart
  • NnitehawkK44 minutes ago
    they emmit less rf then a home phone a microwaave ( by 7000%) or even a space heater
  • NnitehawkK44 minutes ago
    but peple wanna blam em for the end of the woprld
  • NnitehawkK43 minutes ago
    smart meter outputs 100 milliwats
  • NnitehawkK41 minutes ago
    you need to get a hose and wash out your electrical scokets if your smart meter is messing with you
  • NnitehawkK41 minutes ago
  • NnitehawkK41 minutes ago
    \since someone might
  • MrRho28 minutes ago
    Ok i got the hose ready, do i need to put soap in the socket first?
  • NnitehawkK26 minutes ago
  • NnitehawkK26 minutes ago
    use collodial silver
  • NnitehawkK25 minutes ago
    so ts a blue experiance
  • monaradler19 minutes ago
  • monaradler18 minutes ago
  • monaradler17 minutes ago
    Multiple Major Organic Food Brands Are Selling Out To Nestle ... to-nestle/
  • monaradler14 minutes ago
    good thing not everything fits everyone for then where would any good consciousness dicissions begin (porg) (xfiles)
  • monaradler13 minutes ago
    even the smallest pebble makes waves (eyes3)
  • Batsman9 minutes ago
    (jumbojet2) (iv)
  • NnitehawkK8 minutes ago
  • Batsman7 minutes ago
    (robot2) (got)
  • Batsman5 minutes ago
    SSSSMOKIN' (37) (smoking80)
  • monaradler4 minutes ago
  • Valerie4 minutes ago
    just logged in
  • ArmyWac742 minutes ago
  • ArmyWac741 minute ago
    Thanks for listening...... (heart80)

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