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  • Knowing36 minutes ago
    Am listening to Stn A. I believe Christine. Why it it she talks about US rather than England and EU. Is it because the Brit gov keeps their citizens and colonies ignorant of their doings?
  • Knowing35 minutes ago
    Brits to me are so cold, closed minded and often arrogant. Must be British Imperialism. LOL
  • SurreySunflower33 minutes ago
    Not Christine... it's me.
  • SurreySunflower33 minutes ago
    And I was right about your attitude towards me, wasn't I?
  • SurreySunflower33 minutes ago
    All Brits are bad...
  • SurreySunflower33 minutes ago
    ... and it's TIME that limits me, Sweetcheeks...
  • SurreySunflower32 minutes ago
    ... any comments?
  • GerrBear31 minutes ago
  • GerrBear30 minutes ago
    No (comet) 's from ME a.t.m. (booboo)
  • Knowing28 minutes ago
    We've lived under this arrogance.
  • Knowing27 minutes ago
    No, all Brits arent bad just like any culture but you do pick up their CULT-ure.
  • Knowing26 minutes ago
    Feel that US citizen seem to be enmoured by this accent. I am not.
  • Knowing24 minutes ago
    OK Willow lots of AKA's Surrey.
  • mayst13924 minutes ago
    just logged in
  • Knowing23 minutes ago
    I have my ears open but you arent ready to take responsibility. It is not just me, it has been others also as we have discussed it.
  • Knowing22 minutes ago
    One of the reasons this person and I turn psychopathics off.
  • mayst13918 minutes ago
    :-( RIP Eric Moore | 1952-2019: Lead singer of The Godz, hard-rock band with ’70s success... ... 0s-success Ol'friend - last bridge to cross...sad day for me
  • mayst13916 minutes ago
    The Godz-Burning Bridges...
  • GerrBear15 minutes ago
    (norules) oh my
  • mayst1398 minutes ago
    knew him in 1980 n would skip work when in town(Delaware)-also alrose Villa in Columbus, several new years eves
  • monaradler3 minutes ago

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