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Another Dead Banker / Scott Young Ring of Deat

Category: Conspiracy

Another associate of Scott Young.  Who was impaled on a fence after allegedly jumping off of a six story bldg.  To be filed under Hmmmmmm?


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Category: General

Time, what is it? Do we really need it? Why does it existed? That is only a few question that it brings up. I could go on and on, about Time using it up, or do I using it up? Can Time be saved? Even I have noticed that it seams to move at different speeds, so with out Time speed would not be needed? OK may be I need more Time to think about it, can I borrow it, or can I make some.

We are each give an anointment of time to use as we see fit in this reality. What we do with it is up to each of us mostly. Lets us look at what Time is. Some think Time is a Dimension in which events can be fallowed from the past through the present and into the future, just not all at once. We can see the past history or remember our own past, is this Time that has been used up?

Now if Time is a Dimension are we living in more than one Dimension at the same Time? Is our Reality a bi-produced of a few different Dimension that are touching in some way that make Time work? If Time is the 4th Dimension would it work with out the other three Dimensions over lapping?

We see what we call the present happening around us, as we live our lives, and few think about what we have done in the past and what we are doing in the present is what the future becomes as we move throw Time. If you look at it this way the dimension of Time flows, and it flows into the future.

Now the future is I believe open not fixed. If it was fixed then no matter what you do would make any different in your life. I don't think that Time is a line, strait or curved in the way most would think of as a string. As what in our reality we call the present moves throw space into the future it is leaving behind a wake, we call the past.

So there is when the line is, from the present to the past. Now if it is curved, as some think Time is, then one should be able to look back on that curve, and may be ever see what the past really was not what we think it was, but I do not think we could do the same with the future. Only possible futures are a head of the present.

The possible futures that are out there would be uncountable and each could be as real as ours. This is one reason I believe it is so hard to see into the future. I'm not saying that it could not be done, what is being seen is just one of many futures out there and one could never be sure to which is being seen.

To many things happening in the present that molds what the future is going to be. Each and ever action in the present and some things from the past are the apparent motion that drives the future. Is motion a part of Time or is it a by product of Time. With out this motion would the present be stuck in the now, not flowing into the future?

When I thought about Time and motion it all so makes me think about the atoms. Each one is like a small solar system and there is motion. The Electron move around the nucleus, and some Physicist believe the Electron have defined orbits, but can jump between orbits. Now about now your thinking what does that have to do with Time.

Well I think that at this level its easier to see that ever thing is in motion, and it could be this motion that is the base of what we call Time. If this is so than Time may not be on a curved but a spiral. Now if that is the way it is then seeing in to the past or even going there should be no big deal. Now I'm not saying that any of this is real it is just thoughts that I have had about Time.

I'm not sure we will ever know what Time real is or master it, but I do think one day we should be able to see the past, but don't think we can change it, after all it has all ready happen, it no longer in the now where we have limited control of what happens. Here are a few question that Time bring up for me.

1: Why is there Time? 2: Are there dimension where Time is not a part of it?

3: Is it a line, curved, or spiral? 4: Is Time the key to interstellar journeys for Mankind?

5: Can we learn to control it? 6: Is there an end to Time?

7: Is Time natural? 8: How many Time line are there?

9: Can we jump lines? 10: Should we even play with Time?

I know that most think they would have better questions, but I'm no expert just an old redneck hippie.

My point is only to get you to look at this reality we live in, and question it. Will we ever know what and how Time works in this reality, well to tell you the truth only Time will tell.

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