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Putin Allows Open Carry in Russia!!!

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Putin is thumbing his nose at UN Small Arms Treaty..  Where da Ruskies can now own and carry fire arms in public.  Please note, Mao, Stalin, Hitler and others of that ilk, made sure firearms were illegal..  Bravo Mr. Putin..

Therefore, Russian citizens have more firearm rights than Australia,  Canada, most of Europe and the UK..   And in the US we have to fight like hell to defend what's left of the 2nd Amendment..

Remember folks, Chairman Mao said, "Political power flows thru the barrel of a gun."  If you don't have one, you have no way to protect what little political power you have..


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Prez O, His Own Words: 2008 : 2014

Category: Politics

Can't make this stuff up.  To be filed under "We've been farmed."

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