The Rant

Host: Charles Lamson
Time: Friday 12pm to 2pm
Studio: A

Personal Mission Statement

My mission is to live with integrity and make a difference in the lives of others. To fulfill this mission: I live with the principle of sacrifice: My time, my talent and my resources are all devoted to my mission. I live to inspire: By example, I teach that we are all children in a universe where the potential for learning is infinite. I make an impact: What I do affects others. In achieving my mission, these roles take priority: Neighbor: Kindness is visible through my actions toward others. Agent of Change: For developing high performance in large organizations, I am a catalyst. Scholar: Every day I learn fun and important new things.


The Rant's Mission Statement

The Rant's mission is to offer information that is useful in economics, finance, business administration, communication, and everyday life from a Truther's perspective.