Urban Psychosis

Open Round-Table


Host: Bobby Vicarious

Airs: Thursday, 12am - 3am EST
Studio: A

Bobby preserves the open round-table format. He usually talks for a bit and then opens it up for calls.

If he is not one of your skype contacts, search on Bobby Vicarious, and send him a contact request.

You can also call in, 1-804-591-0046 | 00GO

Bobby goes with the flow, so anything you want to discuss is fine. New callers are especially welcome

as they bring new personalities and views. Donít just sit there. Call in and have some fun.

He welcomes email, no matter how brutal. Your opinion counts and helps to shape this show.


He puts the show on YouTube a few days after the show.

Search on Bobby Vicarious.


Bobby likes to play guitar and write songs.

Donít expect them to be perfect, except for Prison Planet.



Bobby Vicarious