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Hosts: Pamala and Claire

Airs: Tuesday to Friday, 6:00am - 8:00am EST
Studio: A


Thanks for joining Pamala and Claire as they deliver NEWS TO ME radio news show specializing in the Public Law! We deliver the news to witness the evidence of the Public Law in action. We have an eye for details, concentrating on what needs to be said. Our international news show Proclaiming the Public Law – Do No Harm; Lyme Disease & Detoxing and Astrology! We are seeking justice and balance with a focus on 12th house topics ie. Ruling institutions; jails; military; fears; hidden taboos; sexual abuse/ human trafficking criminality. We are working in partnership to eliminate and expose the underworlds as Pluto driven we are the channel for the collective powers to gather. We campaign for liberty and natural inherent birth rights and champion the cause of the children. We have an uncompromised expression and don’t accept things because they were always done that way. We have a pioneering spirt and shake things up! We open up our perceptions to find deeper comprehension to reveal the hidden. We can provide emotional upliftment to the routine of daily life- inspiring others according to their humanitarian ideals. Join us as we travel in our minds to gain intellectual spiritual wealth and be, I AM, absolute.


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